World Championship Grand Finals At CeBit in Hannover

Last weekend, some of the world best gamers came together to the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) and ESL World Championship Grand Finals at the CeBit in Hannover. We visited the final games and exchanged a little bit with the commentators and gamers about eSports and pro gaming: : :

Remember Japan Nuclear Accident

We want to inform how to support Japan. Once again we call for donations to support relief organisations like Not only the money counts, there are many ways to do something! In the age of google, facebook and wikipedia everybody should have the possibility to find out how to help and to share it with the others. Feel free to add comments with relevant information.

One year after one of the biggest atomic or nuclear accidents in history, we are taking some time off to remember and think about the victims: : : : The official pictures on google earth:

CeBit Hannover And Game Developer Conference GDC

It is an awesome week full of technologies and interactive multimedia, this year gaming is one of the main themes at the CeBit in Hannover (06.-10.03.2012) and Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco (05.-09.2012): : : : : : :