Change Games Entertainment is an international community network for single, multiplayer, indie, retro, mobile and online computer or video games. The platform and projects focusing on culture, education, science, game development and game events especially professional gaming (eSport).

The primary task of Change Games is to entertain and educate the society about the history of games, the industry and community. Older and younger generations can come together and exchange or discuss. Another goal is to connect the international gaming culture or community and game developers on one platform.

Change Games is not just about games, there are many people and projects connected, so like Change Apps, Satellite Apps, Interplanetary Internet, Change Music,.. Visit our projects here: http://blog.change-games.com/links

Looking for strong partners, investors and supporters.

Each feedback, suggestions or advice is welcome.

You want change games, too? Join the community!

Goals of Change Games and it’s projects:
– setting up a strong support, partner and sponsoring network
– realization of old and new ideas
– innovation in current projects
– depending on required amount of work: realization of new projects
– offering an attractive line-up
– organization of developer and gaming events (eSports)
– promotion of a gaming culture and community
– connect the younger and older generations
– offer tutorials, beginners workshops and further education tools

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