Welcome On Board

Change Games Start Wallpaper

Welcome on board new investors and partners from China, France, Germany, Spain, US, UK and Japan! Let’s have a great start and awesome time, we will rock together to the top – TTTT 😉

Change Games Visits Unity

We met the Unity and Everyplay developers and exchanged about new developments. Version 5 of the Unity engine will come with a new unified shader to make it particularly easy to represent different material surfaces and reflections. The lighting system is to be extended with new real-time functions and Ray-tracing will be possible. Another great news, parts of Unity will be open source! Collaborations with Intel, Google and Samsung will support better integration on Android and Smart TV devices.

Everyplay enables the users to record and share their best moments in your game, spreading the word about your game on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and our growing Everyplay community for game videos. Visit: https://developers.everyplay.com