World Cyber Games Finals At Belantis Park Leipzig

“As gaming has evolved into a core part of mainstream culture, WCG has broadened its appeal by expanding to computers, mobile devices, and gaming entertainment consoles and will feature more than 500 players and tens of thousands of spectators at the Grand Final. Bringing the Grand Final to LA, home of many major game developer studios, promises to be one of best WCG events to date.” said Hyoung-Seok Kim, CEO of World Cyber Games
More than 82,000 people visited the Grand Final in Chengdu (China) last year. World metropoles like Seoul (2003), San Francisco, USA (2004), Singapore (2005) and Cologne held Grand Finals, too. The next WCG Grand Final will be held from September 30 to October 3, 2010 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


Games Convention Online GCO Leipzig

The Games Convention Online (GCO) is a business and networking platform for browser, client and mobile games. International industry experts discussed about new developments and trends.
“With this type of presentation, we offer businesses a new concept at a fair that aims to create a direct link to the communities and new customers,” says Silvana Kürschner, Strategy Director GC Global. The GCO is Germany’s biggest community get-together for online games.

International eSports Federation Conference Leipzig

eSport Federation Conference Leipzig

These days (08.-10.07.2010) the International eSports Federation (IeSF) organised an European conference on the Games Convention Online (GCO) in Leipzig.
The IeSF members discussed with game publishers, developers, service providers and media experts about new strategies to get an international E-Sport Standard, other themes like “Affiliating IeSF new members” and “Checking up the status of IeSF Grand Final preliminary” are interesting aspects, too. The IeSF also held an open discussion about specialized video game culture in nations like Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Games Convention Online Leipzig 2010

This week 08.- 10. Jun started the Games Convention Online (GCO) with over 32 exhibitors from Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Taiwan and the USA! Experts from all over the world forgather in the Congress Center Leipzig (CCL) and exchange about the latest developments in the industry.
The second day of the GCO is in process with main focus on mobile and online games, esports and commuity. A special role plays the italian games market.

Games Convention Online Leipzig Wallpaper

In these realy hot days Exhibitors such as Ambergames, Bigpoint, CPMstar, Electrotank Inc., Gamigo, Greentube, MO Group, Partnertrans, Playdom, SevenGames, Sometrics, SupersonicAds, Travian, Two-Pi Team, V-Gate, Wayi International Digital Entertainment and XS Software. The complete list you can download from the website
“Time and expenditure are two important criteria, particularly for smaller companies in the online and mobile gaming industry. That’s because their main focus of attention is on swift development and an even swifter marketing of the games, something we can guarantee thanks to the high level of and, above all, unrestricted media attention surrounding the GCO” Silvana Kürschner, Strategy Director GC Global.

Games Convention Online GCO Leipzig Game Shows Review

The Games Convention Online is the first trade show worldwide for browser, client and mobile games.
Last year August over 43,000 gamers visit the GCO in Leipzig, altogether 74 exhibitors from eight countries represented 150 games (included 50 European and World premieres). The national partner at GCO was the Republic of Korea.