Welcome On Board

Change Games Start Wallpaper

Welcome on board new investors and partners from China, France, Germany, Spain, US, UK and Japan! Let’s have a great start and awesome time, we will rock together to the top – TTTT 😉

Change Games Investors And Partners

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Venture Capital and eSports

Change Games is looking for new investors, sponsors, supporters
and strong future partners in different fields. Our main goal for this year is to build up or expand our platform together with the international community network. We want to connect game developers, experts and pro gamers on one big portal!
With the right support we will start eSport events around the world.
Of course we will report about all the other awesome game events like the Gamescom, Game Expo, E3, Tokyo Game Show, etc.

Change Games Entertainment Looking For Investors And Partners

Our team is looking for new people, we search experienced artists, game designers, programmers, writers, producers or gamers who want to be a part of our project and upcoming company Change Games Entertainment. Feel free to write an email to partners@change-games.com and we’ll see what we can do for you.

And we’re looking for strong partners, investors and sponsors for future developments. https://www.youtube.com/changegames