World Cyber Games Finals At Belantis Park Leipzig

“As gaming has evolved into a core part of mainstream culture, WCG has broadened its appeal by expanding to computers, mobile devices, and gaming entertainment consoles and will feature more than 500 players and tens of thousands of spectators at the Grand Final. Bringing the Grand Final to LA, home of many major game developer studios, promises to be one of best WCG events to date.” said Hyoung-Seok Kim, CEO of World Cyber Games
More than 82,000 people visited the Grand Final in Chengdu (China) last year. World metropoles like Seoul (2003), San Francisco, USA (2004), Singapore (2005) and Cologne held Grand Finals, too. The next WCG Grand Final will be held from September 30 to October 3, 2010 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


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